Friday, January 18, 2013

a valentine garland and how to go overboard with hearts.

I've been sewing paper again and adding hearts to the home-scene.  I'm trying not to go too terribly pinkn'red crazy, but we sort of like Valentine's Day around here as it also happens to be our wedding anniversary {ahhhh, cute I know}.  So, the fireplace and the kitchen window were each adorned with garlands and then I laminated a few hearts and used twine to bring our front door wreath a little love too.  And what do you think about the adorable hello on our door?  Isn't that sweet?  You can find it here.

And in case your wondering, after two days of ugly clouds and zero sun, I've kind of been in a mid-January funk today.  I haven't really had the most inspirational things to say about this month, as once McKenna's birthday is over, there isn't much going on but coldn'ugly.  But don't go feeling sorry for me because my husband certainly doesn't.  In fact, he seems to have nicknamed me January for the evening.  Paybacks, Mister.  

P.S. My mom's been decorating too.  Here's a peek at the wall in her dining room...

Cute, right?  Way to go, Mom!


  1. Love your door hearts and hello. I may have to copy this:) Pinned to remember. New follower. Follow back at


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