Tuesday, January 8, 2013

across and down turns one year old. sniff, sniff. my baby's growing up.

Okay, so 1) I've reached my 365th day of blogging {woot woot to one year!} and 2) I've got no original ideas for how to celebrate that in a post, so 3) how about I just heap a whole bunch of instagrams into a collage and we'll call it good.  Sounds superb, no?  Well, just bare with me and maybe I'll come up with another vlog this week.  :)

Christmas around the casa.  I still can't believe it's all over.

Girls day out, some rain on my windshield, too much candy and creepy Santa {amen to a good hair day though}.

Raspberries and cookies. That cookie tin is still like half full.

Blue eyes, glass slippers, and army guys.  These are a few of my favorite things.

Lazy girls who get off their buns to make cookies.  And eat them.

Sometimes I wear clothes and photograph them.

Sometimes I even take pictures of my cats.  Probably too many pictures.

Here we go to New York City!

Here we are playing a family game of Farkle, while the Kens, well, um, I'm not sure exactly what the Kens are doing.

Sledding with my chilluns. Yes, I have no hair, but I do have a pompom.

My crafty mom made me that cute owl table runner {sweet I know} and she also gave me the adorable owl pillow.  She did not, however, give me the fireplace mantle.  That photo is just there for ambience.  

I know, I was so right.  There really is no better way to observe this year-long milestone than to dump a whole bunch of instagram photos on you.  Riveting, to be sure.  But just maybe you are looking for something just a wee bit more heartfelt, and so here is a video I put together of the highlights from our big year.  You probably already saw it.  But shhhh, just go see it again.  :)

*Did you know that I'm on Twitter now?  Well, now you know.  It only took me one year.
**Also, thanks for liking me on Facebook.  I accomplished my goal of 30!!!  People really like me.  


  1. I love your owl sweater. I would wear that every day. EVERY. day. where did you get it??? Also, what is your instragram so we can follow you! (? if you want)

    1. I bought the owl sweater at Old Navy a few weeks ago! It might be on sale now! And yes, please let's follow one another on instagram. :)
      I am acrossanddown

  2. I love all these pictures, you are so dang funny Misty I LOVE your blog, and congrats on being a year old:):)

  3. Happy blog birthday/anniversary! Here's to many more years of fun! ;)

  4. Yeah one year!! Looking forward to reading more!


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