Tuesday, January 8, 2013

an evolution of outfit shots.

I had another lightbulb idea for ringing in my first complete year of Across and Down!  Let's take a look at my most popular outfit posts, why don't we?  Or rather, just the outfits.  I won't make you go back and read through that drivel.  You're welcome.

So, without further ado I bring you the most me ever... in an evolution of outfit photos...

These first photos were taken at home in Spokane, when I liked to snap shots of me atilt in the mirror.  Collage much?

And then we moved to Pittsburgh and I got brave with a tripod in my backyard.

And then I stopped doing the collage thing & started getting more pose-y.

And then I went indoors for the winter, really got extra pose-y, & made myself bigger and collage-ier again.

And then I got rid of the collage look and decided if I'm going to keep taking these photos of myself, I might as well really be myself - completely random and totally silly.

So, yep.  Those are my posts with the most views.   The most awkward thing I do in my life {plastering photos of my clothes on the web} and you people like it the most.  Geez, you guys.  I must really like you.  Like REALLY like you.

And I do.

Thanks for helping to make this a darn fine heckuva year.  I appreciate you!



  1. Okay, you are freaking adorable. Can I hire you as my personal fashion adviser? Seriously.

  2. you really pull these outfits off! i especially like that outfit with the red longsleeve shirt with a bubble jacket over it :) i am also in-love with a brown boots now a days - that i wear mine almost everyday - almost while i am sleeping too, lol!


  3. OMG, these are the cutest outfits ever! Thanks for resharing. I am going shopping for yellow pants this evening!

  4. You never fail to simultaneously crack me up and totally put me in awe of your style. Your outfits are quirky and completely darling. Moreover, they seem to reflect your personality, which is so hard to achieve. And, can I just say, I LOVE your bedroom! Gorgeous!

  5. I loved your style on the unpretentious teacher blog and I love your style now! Too cute.

    1. Ahh, thank you! I miss my unpretentious teacher days. :)
      I'm your newest follower! :)

  6. Love love all these! You are just too cute!

  7. I love the evolution! And remembering your other blog I can definitely how your style has evolved over the years. You look great my dear!

  8. Love love love all your outfits! Weren't you going to have a closet sale?! I'm anxiously waiting!! :)


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