Saturday, January 19, 2013

au gratin potatoes, corn casserole + rosemary rolls = delish.

I'm still tackling The Pioneer Woman Cooks!  I used the recipes four nights in a row this week and it has been yummy and exhausting {so exhausting that I had Husband bring McDonald's home for dinner last night}!  All the pots and pans and mixing and cooking and eating and then the dreaded cleaning - this is tough work.  Fun, but tough.  I suppose that once I've made each of these a few times, it will get easier as I absorb the information into my brain.  But for now, it's slow and steady and trying to make sure I don't miss any important steps {like must refrigerate overnight - that's a meal killer}.  Here's my latest and greatest....

♥ Best Ever Perfect Au Gratin Potatoes...

♥ Holy deliciousness Rosemary Rolls!....

♥ And OMG Buttery, Mouth-watering Corn Casserole {minus the peppers so the kids'll eat it}...

There was also grilled chicken served with the meal to balance out all of the carbs {a pale attempt at adding protein},  but I know for sure that I have never used so much heavy whipping cream in all of my life as in this one meal!  But OH! my heavenly goodness!  This dinner was so terribly delicious!  Let's start with the roll!  Oh the roll!  The sea salt and rosemary were so oddly yummy.  I have never salted my rolls {which is probably a good thing for my heart health}, but it was so fantastically good.  And then the au gratin potatoes - such creamery and flavor!  I wanted to eat them forever and ever.  And the corn!  I didn't think anything could get better than corn saturated in butter, but add in some heavy cream... i died.  I'm in a good place now.

I've put on 5 pounds though.  There's always the good and the bad, isn't there?
That really salts my rolls, ya know.

P.S. Adding little hearts to my post was all kinds of fun!  Wanna know how I did it?  Ok, ok, twist my arm.  Type the following html code into your blog post {you'll need to be in the html display of your post while editing}:


So easy even I can do it!  Try it!

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  1. Good Afternoon Misty, You sound as if you have been "up to your arms" in saucepans. Your meals are very creative.
    The gratin potatoes you made, look lovely. As an alternative try slicing the potatoes into rounds, and layer the potatoes, this is the European way.
    I have to give you 10 out of 10 for all your hard work.
    I hope you enjoyed a nice cup of coffee afterwards.
    Happy cooking,
    Best Wishes


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