Tuesday, January 15, 2013

chicken enchiladas + mexican rice.

Now here's where I show you that I can follow another recipe {oh boy}.  I know, I know.  How hard is to read instructions and follow them, really?  Oh but for this chick, it is so hard!  I have no culinary training nor much experience.  My most favorite meal growing up was a Salisbury Steak TV dinner.  When I married Husband, all I really had to offer were crunchy Kraft macaroni noodles with runny cheese sauce and hot dogs {true story}.  Over our {almost} 14 years of marital bliss though, I have managed to put together about two weeks worth of rotational meals, which sounds like a lot of eating the same crap over and over, but {thank goodness} we eat out A LOT.  Or now I should say we DID eat out a lot, because I'm planning on changing that.  I am on a mission to serve good food at home, by golly goodness!  And I am off to a successful start, mostly thanks to The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  With all of the heavy cream, butter and whole milk this recipe book calls for, we might have to also get motivated to exercise, but at least our tastebuds will be happy campers.

For this dinner, I made the Mexican Rice and White Chicken Enchiladas.  It was a h.i.t.  To have fresh, tasty mexican rice {not out of a Rice-A-Roni box and not from a Mexican restaurant} was marvelous!  I'm talking amazing deliciousness!  And I made it!  It was honestly easy and took no more time than rice from a box so I'll only be doing Mexican rice like this from now on...

And then the delicious White Chicken Enchiladas {these are too good to be true, even as left-overs}!  These were pretty easy too, just some things that have to be done in advance, like grilling the whole peppers.  I had never done that before, but I got them all blackened on the grill, placed them in a plastic bag for two hours, and then peeled the blackened skin off.  I mean, who thinks of this stuff?  But it softened the peppers and gave them a texture that didn't stand apart from the chicken and sauce, which was wonderful for me because I am a texture freak.  I will pick through my food to avoid veggies simply because they feel gross.  But with these enchiladas, I actually ate my vegetables and LIKED them.  I'm like such a big girl now.

Along with the enchiladas and rice, I served Jiffy cornbread and canned refried beans.  I suppose one day I'll be making my own cornbread and refrying my own beans, but I'm pretty ecstatic just to have 1/2 of my supper homemade.  I'll take another gold star sticker please.  

Are you using The Pioneer Woman Cooks or Ree Drummond's website?  What do I simply just have to try?

Next up, I'll be posting about Au Gratin potatoes and Rosemary rolls and Corn casserole!


  1. I've been a loyal Pioneer Woman follower for....ummm...maybe 5 years? It was before any of her books came out. If you haven't already, you should read Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. It's the story of how she met and married her husband. A really fun read! Do you watch her show on Food Network?

  2. I have only seen two of her shows, but immediately was in awe of her food {and life}. :)
    I will have to pick up that book! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Hey I made Spanish rice last night! From a Rice a Roni box... but I got the idea of adding corn all on my own!

  4. You go girl!  Discover the wonderful joys of home cooking. You will make more and more h.i.t.s...  ツ


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