Monday, January 21, 2013

forcing more cat photos upon you.

amazing photography by husband.

It freezing here.  Like super cold.  But I'm not complaining because I have nowhere to go.  :)
The schools have already notified the students of a two-hour delay tomorrow because the wind temps will be somewhere around a balmy minus 20 degrees.  Of course, all of the children in this house are in a state of dismay.  Not.  

*does anyone even say "not" anymore?  you know what?  don't even answer that.  i don't want to know.  i say "not" and that's all that matters.  right?

Is it freezing where you are?  Are you stuck indoors?  Where would you rather be?  I think I'd be on a cruise in the Caribbean, lounging by a pool, reading a book, and stopping every once in a while to admire my tan and french-manicured toenails.


  1. It is freezing here! Although it was in the 50s this weekend and it was beautiful. I was hoping it would stay that way but no luck. :( I love your cat photos!!!


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