Tuesday, January 1, 2013

goodbye 2012 + the reason steak was invented.

Bleu Cheese Sauce Recipe:

>> Heat 2 cups heavy whipping cream in saucepan over medium heat for 30 minutes, stirring often, until thickened.
>> Add 1/2 cup bleu cheese crumbles + 1/2 cup parmesan + 2 cloves minced garlic and stir until smooth.
>> Add a pinch of salt + a pinch of pepper + a pinch of parsley and stir on low heat.
>> Pour over a nice, juicy steak and prepare to melt into a puddle of overjoy and goodness.  

You're welcome.

Misty-isms.  That's what he calls them; the stupid stuff I say without giving a single moment of thought.    It makes him laugh hard.  And it's kind of cute.  This time, upon learning it was K-Pop singer Psy's birthday, I said all kinds of wrong things.  Can you spot them on the photo below?

A good New Years Eve indeed, at home with good food, good company {ourselves} and good non-alcoholic beverages to clink together at midnight.  Heck, there was even a good kiss to close out the year.  This was our first time celebrating on East Coast time and since we were just in NYC last week, standing in Times Square, we pretty much felt like we were connected to the crowds on TV.  Oh look! There's Bubba Gumps and Toys R Us!  We were just in Toys R Us!  And look!  There's the Marriott I stayed in!  We saw that ball!  And that awesome pizza place is just around the corner!

Now I'm off to sleep.  Apparently to the scattered sounds of belated Pittsburgh fireworks.  Some people really know how to party.  As for us, we yelled Happy New Year out the front door and called it good. That's just how we do.

Goodnight, 2012.
Good morning, 2013.


  1. love those red chairs. enjoy your 2013 :) I miss your blog link up! hugs

  2. Yum! We had rib roast, spinach salad, and ice cream :)

    I really love hearing about your new experiences as an eastern time zone-er. As an almost life long easter time zone-er (2012 was a central time zone year for me), I kind of forget that we get to celebrate NYE in the US first!


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