Saturday, January 12, 2013

green thumb is to gardener as ________ is to baker?

....because as it turns out {oh boy, as it always turns out} I am no kitchen-green-thumb.  If you've been following me on Instagram, than you have been privy to the doughnuts I have been working on all night and all day.  Did you know that it takes like ridiculously forever to make doughnuts?  I blame the yeast and all that rising it has to do.

But this time I can't blame the yeast for my doughnut fail.  The yeast didn't forget to add the ALL-IMPORTANT-SUGAR into the mixture.  Nope, that was ME.

Have you ever tasted doughnuts that you made without sugar?  I wouldn't highly recommend it.

Never fear though, I am a feisty one and have already started another batch of dough - with sugar!
A favorable doughnut outcome shall be mine!
*evil laugh

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