Monday, January 28, 2013

if you give a mom a cookie.

If you give this mom a cookie, chances are she will blog about it.  And if you, dear reader, are not yet at the wonderful years of teenager-raising, I am here to put your mind at ease {hopefully just a little bit}.  You see, I was once fearful of what it would be like when my children reached that ever-awkward stage of hormonal imbalance + struggling independence.  I pictured yelling and slamming doors and eye rolls and disciplinary actions like the grounding of the phone.  But it's not at all like that, at least in this family.  Independence is a good, encouraged thing here.  And hormonal imbalance, well I'm just as guilty of that too.  :)  Sure, in this house we are not perfect, and we have our stresses like anyone else.  We enjoy our share of miscommunications and uncertainties of how to best deal.  We are simply trying our best and giving our love and crossing our fingers.  It's true that teenagers {especially college students} start to disappear more, as they head to class, join sports & clubs, dabble in a job, and try to squeeze in social time with friends.  Elyssa is super busy out there in her world, doing all sorts of good things and it was a little bit of an emotional thing, to watch her be gone so much.  But isn't that the goal?  So, I watch her come and go and I make myself present for the small moments when she is home and she is hanging out in the hallway, talking to me while I fold laundry or do dishes.  I love those moments (even though I try not to act like it too much, because you know how teenagers can get :).  Last friday she had a day off from class and I found her in the kitchen making cookies.  By herself.  Just for fun.  After a discovery that we were out of chocolate chips, McKenna, Jackson, and I found ourselves on a scavenger hunt for chocolate hidden around the house {you'd be surprised at how much chocolate you can find in this place}.  It was a good time, as it usually is when someone is making cookies for you to eat.



January is just about over!!!  Thank goodness.  Below is an example of what our weekday mornings have looked like for the last two weeks, with two-hour school delays.  Lazy.  Last week was snow and this morning was a healthy bout of freezing rain.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I'm praying from some miracle sunshine, high in the 80's.  Not holding my breath.


  1. looks all cozy. Its weird visiting home and having my mom be all excited :) I do miss all my brothers and sisters and the ruckus we caused. You must be so proud of your kids!!

  2. As a teacher, I don't mind the two hour delays! I feel like I can be productive before school, besides just getting up and ready, or enjoy a few extra Z's. However, the rain delay today didn't seem necessary.... Are delays/snow days common in Seattle? They're not common in my hometown of Rochester, NY. I can count how many we had when I was in high school on one hand. That was weird about moving to PA.

  3. I must say I am terrified of having teenagers.....thanks for putting my mind at ease!


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