Monday, January 14, 2013

oh what a weekend.

The weather!  Oh the weather!  This weekend was a beautiful, wondrous break from the cold!  70 whole degrees of deliciousness.  It felt marvelous!  We had the windows open, the warm breeze blowing the curtains in celebration, and it was so nice to hear the random doors in the house opening suddenly and then slamming shut as the air pulled through the house.  Those little sounds that come with warmer weather.  LOVE.  Even the stink bugs awoke from hibernation to join in the glory.  Those little buggers were everywhere.  I'm still trying to figure out where they come from and how the creep into the house so quickly.  This weekend was all about food and basketball and having our Elyssa back and football and being outside and more food.  And is there anything finer these days than wrapping up a marvelous weekend with a new episode of Downton Abbey?  Because I don't think so.  And even better, I've managed to get my kids hooked on the show too, so now I have people to watch with!

Here are the weekend highlights...

You'll notice - NO MORE SNOW!

Let's play some basketball!  Three out of three games were a WIN this weekend!  These two have really stepped up their games and we are so proud of them.  And isn't Husband fantastically stylish?

It's so nice having Elyssa back home!  We were all talking around the dinner table last night about what it will be like when she moves out for college.  It will pretty much suck, is what we're all concluding.  There is just something so way cool about the five of us together.  We will simply have to steal her away on the weekends so we can feed her and get her caught up on laundry, I guess.  On Saturday, she brought a friend to McKenna's game and then we all went out for dinner at one of our new Pittsburgh faves, Tom's Diner.  Big food at cheap prices - highly recommend!

Our 12-Man flag was raised as we cheered for our beloved Seattle Seahawks, who came so close but just couldn't outdo those Atlanta Falcons.  It was an exciting game - one of those where someone could  have easily mistook me for a football fan.  

Warm weather makes our cat curiouser and curiouser about the great outdoors.  After what seemed like an eternity of hesitation, Husband finally shooed the poor cat right out the door, as evidenced in the last photo.

And the outside frolicking lasted a whole two minutes.  Scaredy cat.

This weekend was also about taking advantage of warm-weather walks and comfortable sweats.  There was something totally awesome about walking the hood with my bright, yellow headphones, with Macklemore's Thrift Shop pounding in my ears.  Ah yeah dog, that's just how I roll.  Is that your grandma's coat?

And the amount of food I made {all from scratch} was ridiculous!  I blame that pioneer woman.  We ate like kings - doughnuts, chips and salsa, chicken enchilada's, and the best mexican rice ever.  Not to mention the feast we ate that wasn't from scratch.  Why does football always involve so much food?  

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!  Now it's time for work and school and routines!  Oh, and we get to celebrate McKenna's birthday this week!  Little baby is turning eleven!  Holy Cow!


  1. That food looks amazing! CUTE PICTURES! :)

  2. SO JEALOUS!! It is freaking cold in looks delish, were the doughnuts worth all the work?

    1. No way! The donuts were not worth all that time. :) Go buy them. LOL

  3. We are moving to Seattle in June, and are excited about our new adopted team of the Seahawks, and were very sad about their loss to the Falcons. Where in Seattle did you live? We will be in Tacoma by Fort Lewis.



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