Sunday, January 6, 2013


1.   a funny, happy snowman dude with a sprig of twig hair
2.   and twigs for arms
3.   jackson's awesome snow fort
4.   mckenna's mini snow fortress
5.   jack makes a cat friend
6.   this cat really wants some attention
7.   too bad about the boy's allergies
8.   real life after-dinner-cleaning
9.   running from the camera
10. i spruce up mckenna's room a bit
11. look where the rug is
12. mckenna comes home and changes everything back to normal {typical}
13. but she makes cake so i still love her
14. and she lets me lick that bowl
15. and she cuts her own piece out and eats it
16. before frosting the rest of the cake {like mother, like daughter}

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  1. Good Evening Misty, My, what a busy day you and your family had. I love the brightness of the snow as here in England it is very overcast and grey!
    I wanted to say I loved you video blog and I am so pleased you didn't cut a fringe (or bangs)as you look lovely the way you are.
    I hope your day today is not as busy. Best Wishes Daphne

    1. Thank you, Daphne! I am so happy I didn't cut my hair too!

  2. im so hitting you on FB right now!!!


    xo em


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