Monday, January 21, 2013


keeping bundled up in Anthro turtleneck, Old Navy sweater, Gap jeans, Born boots

On this day:
I listened to my children fight over touching feet on a giant couch.  At 11 & 13, it never ends.
I watched Episodes II and III of the Star Wars trilogy with my son.  That Anakin was a real trouble-maker.
I tried my very first juice concoction.  omg.  I drank asparagus!
I replaced water for Diet Coke and my head hated me for it.  More ibuprofen?  Yes please.
I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!
But mostly on this day,
I was very thankful for the friendships I have made through this blog and through facebook and instagram too!  You guys, you really make this girl's day.  :)

pleated poppy


  1. my sister and I used to fight over who was looking out the other persons window when my mom was good times

    I still love that sweater. :) oh, and I like how you paired the stripes with it!

  2. Changing from Diet Coke to water, difficult but a great choice! I love the Owl Sweater so adorable!

  3. Ok, love this with the striped turtleneck - you are genius! I will be stealing! Hope you find the mint shoes today! I am grateful for you - seriously, I feel like we are actual friends, even though we have never met. If I come back to my "hood" someday, (I grew up 40 min from where you live) we will have to meet!

    1. I would love to meet you, Peggy! I picture us going to Target together, of course. You're the first person I think of when I shop at that magical place. :) I think we'd get along swimmingly. Come back to you old hood soon!

  4. That sweater look perfect for you! And I never liked Anakin very much. Obi Wan and Han Solo are my personal favorites.

  5. Great combo and mix of the blues, greys and greens!

  6. Love that you layered stripes under your owl sweater! So cute! ;)

  7. Such a cute sweater!! But, then always look adorable. And I want to take everything in your closet!!

    Me and my brother were the SAME way. Hah...I'm laughing now thinking about the "don't touch me!!s"

  8. that sweater is so cute!! i love it!

  9. Cute sweater! And too funny about your kids fighting. You are right it never ends! Lol. Stopping by fom link up.

  10. what a cute post! i love how simple yet chic this look is and that sweater is adorable!

    C's Evolution of Style

  11. Love the owl shirt! And I had to laugh about your kids-when we went on road trips as kids, my sister and I would always claim the other was getting in "our personal space."

  12. I love that owl sweater!!! Does Old Navy still have it? I may need one myself!!! :)



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