Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Frrrreeezing in Nordstrom jeans, Columbia Sportswear sweater, Anthro scarf & boots. 

On this day:
The kids started school two hours late due the the frigid temps.  So I made pancakes!
I gratefully put on this warm sweater meant for arctic temperatures {thanks mom!}.
I wore my giant pompom with mucho confidenco.
I didn't drink a drop of Diet Coke and I remained blissfully headache-free!!! A miracle.
I worked out with Jillain Michaels even though I felt strongly that I didn't want to. Another miracle.
Today was a good day.

pleated poppy


  1. Those are the coolest boots I've ever seen in my life! The only way I'm talking myself out of coveting right now is by reminding myself that I'm too short to wear knee-high boots and that I look like a kid in waders when I try them on....but man, they look amazing on you!

  2. Love your sweater!! Which Jillian Michaels DVD are you working out to? The Shred? I have started and re-started it in the past, but ugh. I am just not a great fan of her. She's mean, lol!

  3. Love Jillian Michaels workouts even though they are a killer! Loving your boots, I had to do a double take because I thought they were shoes that laced up with socks under and I was like wait.. What? Then realized they were boots, very cute!


  4. good job! That Jillian workout is no joke! Can't wait till our floor is in so I can have my gym back again to do videos

  5. Most importantly....where's the pompom hat from??? Too cute :)


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