Sunday, February 10, 2013

a couple valentine's ideas i heart.

♥Last year I put together some fabulous valentine's when I was working in a toddler classroom and I thought I would share!  I found my inspiration on Pinterest, but didn't think a Blow Pop card would be appropriate, since I had various stages of toddlerhood represented in the classroom... gum chewers and gum swallowers {that's how you tell them apart in developmental terms}.  So, I came up with bubbles!  Oh boy, those kids thought I was the shiznits {that's not a developmental term}!

I did, however, keep it real with the teaching staff.  Blow Pops for grown-ups!  HipHip!

All you need: Exacto knife, Blow Pops, tape.  Done.  I used Picmonkey to add text to my photo and then had them printed at Costco.  Cheap.Cheap.Cheap. 

♥For Valentine's Day, I also got creative with an old, red sweater and some gray felt...

After some more Pinterest inspiration - heart-elbow-patches!!! - how could I resist hopping on that bandwagon?  I mean, this was the perfect way for a hip teacher to get in the Valentine's Day action, without feeling too {how shall I put this politely} old-lady-ish.

I stuck my felt hearts on the "busy mom/college student/teacher" way... Double Stick Fusable Web.  I simply cut out my felt hearts, cut out the two-sided fusible web, figured out even-placement of the patches, and ironed to my heart's content.  Heart's content?  So cheesy.  :)

Anyway, I have no idea about washing this sweater now.  It's dry clean only, so I imagine the hearts would survive, but I've never tried it to find out.  So, I just don't spill anything on it.  Smart, right?


  1. love the elbow hearts!!! I Do NOT SEW so this technique suits me fine... soooooooooooo cute!!!

  2. Good Morning Misty,
    I love the way you have made the photo look as if it is holding a lollypop....very clever.
    Anything to do with hearts and I'm your elbow hearts are perfect.
    I am sorry I have not been around commenting, but I have been unwell and need to catch up with your previous posts.
    Have a lovely Valentines.
    Best Wishes

  3. love the elbow patches also, super cute valentines :) love them!! I'm totally going to have to make me some heart sweaters!!!

  4. I often wonder about the washability for some articles of clothing that I've made myself or altered...but most I just figure, oh well, just don't get them dirty for the rest of my life. Gentle handwashing is also often the answer...

  5. Love your heart elbow patches!!! Pinning:) Stop by

  6. awesome ideas!

    i have to try the patches. i think they're perfect year round.

    smiles to you and stop by when you have a moment.



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