Saturday, February 9, 2013

basketball perspective of an immature mom.

Talk about intense!  Jackson had his first play-off game today and he won!!!  It was such a close game the entire time and I almost started to believe Husband's theory about how the last two minutes of a basketball game is the only part that matters {almost}.  Regardless of any theories, these close games are just too stressful for this momma.  I wish I could fast forward a bit, through the foul shots and timeouts and substitutions, and just have a peek at the final score real quick, then rewind back to the present and enjoy the game.  I know that's cheating.  Who even thinks like that?  I do.  Anyway, Mr. Jackson scored two baskets!!!  Just whoosh!  Nothing but net!  It was so awesome to watch.  The husband, I {and even Jackson} easily agree that this was his best performance ever.  And his team gets to move on in the competition, so we have another chance to see him play!

This next little paragraph is going to highlight my maturity a little bit {or lack of it}, but if you've been following me for a while then you already know how my brain operates at a teenage level.  This elementary school gymnasium takes the cake on murals!  If you are one of my bff's on instagram, than you've seen this jump roping beauty {wth???}.  But the giant football and soccer ball wall murals are really adding a whole new dimension to my photographs.  Husband doesn't find it as ridiculously funny as I do.  I know he wishes he did though.  This ---- is hilarious.

See?  Awesome.

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  1. I immediately noticed those balls, at first I thought you added them to the photos as a joke. you already know how I feel about the cheerleader


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