Tuesday, February 19, 2013

beef stew deliciousness.

Yes, yes.  I've been at it again.  I'm still exploring the recipes inside of Ree Drummond's magical Pioneer Woman cookbook and I'm still having a blast doing it!  Her beef stew recipe is not a disappointment!  I learned a lot actually, but not so much about stew preparation.  That's fairly easy.  But buying beer in Pennsylvania?  That took me for a loop.  And, yes.  I have been living in Pittsburgh for 6 whole months now and yes, this is my first beer purchase - one bottle of Bud.  For the stew.  Boring much?  That's not the point though.  Apparently {unlike grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest}, you can't just walk into a grocery store in Pennsylvania and pick up a six-pack along with your bread and cereal and pay for it all at the same register.  Some stores don't even carry alcoholic beverages at all {even Walmart}.  After finding a grocery store that did carry beer and wine, I had to pay for my single bottle of beer at a separate register in the corner of the store.  It was a trip.  Literally.  Is that the way it is where you live too?

Anyway, the stew was worth the beer-purchasing confusion.  Delicious!  The Pioneer Woman also offers a few recipes calling for whiskey, so I can only imagine the journeys those recipe will take me on.  :)

Here are some other wonderful recipes I've tried...

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  1. Here in Denver, you can only buy 3.2 beer in the grocery store (that's a lower alcohol content). You have to go to a liquor store for the real stuff. And only one Target within the state is allowed to sell beer/liquor. Same thing with Costco and Trader Joe's (when it finally opens!). It's a little ridiculous!

  2. Girrrllll.... We live near Chicago so I'm pretty sure you could buy liquor from a toys r us if you had to....


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