Thursday, February 7, 2013

college ball.

Finally!  It's about time we made it to one of Elyssa's college basketball games!  Actually, she asked us to wait until she got a little more experience under her belt, before we witnessed her playing.  You see, this is really her first sports experience {besides one season of indoor soccer as a little Kindergartener} and so she was really nervous.  But even if she's less seasoned than her co-players, we are so proud of her for going out there and trying.  It's been a roller coaster of highs and lows, being part of a college team.  It's frustrating being the girl who's unexperienced, but trying her hardest.  She attends every practice, takes heat from other players for not being perfect, and warms that bench longer than any player should have to.  On the other hand, she's made close friends, shared tons of laughs on bus rides, gotten in kick-butt shape, and been part of a team.

This girl gets frustrated just like anyone else.  She gets nervous and scared just like anyone else.  But her determination to keep going is what sets her apart.  Once she gets her mind settled on something, there's no stopping her.   And if anyone tries to stop her, she gets spurred to try even harder.  She works hard, she knows what she wants, and yet she is so caring toward others.  I could go on and on about this girl.

Right now, today, I just hope the world sees what I see.
Nothin' but love, chocolate cake, and vanilla ice cream.


  1. That's amazing that she plays college ball without a ton of cool! What a rewarding experience to be able to see her go play...I hope she has a great season! =)

    1. We are very surprised too. It's a community college and there aren't very many players, so they probably needed every girl they could get. Not to dis my daughter, cuz she's awesome, but most colleges hold tryouts. :)
      It has been a very rewarding experience for her. :)


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