Friday, February 1, 2013

feeling loved.

McKenna gave me the salon treatment last night {and I didn't even have to ask}!  There was a time, just a couple of years ago that this girl LOVED to play with my hair and pamper my feet.  I'd be sitting on the couch, watching tv and should would put a bath towel down at my feet, bring in a giant bowl of hot, soapy water, and all the lotions she could find around the house.  She'd ask me to dip my feet inside and then she'd experiment scrubbing my toes down with sponges, q-tips, and cotton balls.  It was glorious!!!  The "spa time" always ended with my hair getting brushed and new do {or several new do's}.  There is nothing quite like a child's little fingers running through my hair.  Even the surprise yanking and pulling of hair is soothing in a way.  This little girl loves me and wants to have a turn at taking care of me.  Awesome!

And so I will proudly go out in public today, showing off the time and effort that someone I love very much spent on me.  :)

Thank you, McKenna, for making Mom feel special!



  1. She's a sweetheart! That sounds like the best kind of daughter to have!

  2. What a cutie!!! Such a fun mother-daughter thing to do together! =)

  3. I can't wait for moments like this with my baby girl! Great job Miss McKenna!


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