Thursday, February 21, 2013

happy weekend! happy clickables!

What are your plans for the weekend?  We only have one basketball player left in the house, but she's keeping us plenty busy with practices.  Other than that, I'll be out enjoying the warm weather and cloudless skies.  Maybe I'll do a little gardening or read a book in the sunshine {insert sound of record scratch here}.  I'm joking, course.  Which sucks.

This weekend, I'm thinking these.  Oh boy!

Public transportation is boring, but not at the best bus stop ever!

Dreaming of these Julep beauties on my feet.  When my toes are warm enough to peek, of course.

My dining room table would love to be paired up with this.

Husband wouldn't dream of buying electronics without checking here first.  My geek.

Life hacking explained.  Big fans.

Why You Can't Eat Healthier.  This explains so much.

One wise kid.  One inspiring peptalk.

This is going to help me when I'm back in school {in ONE WEEK}!  Simplify.

Husband swears by this wallet.  A gift worth every penny.

And do you remember my hair tutorial?  Soooo glad this did not happen to me!  Poor girl.

Goat people.  Or what husband sounds like watching football.

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