Tuesday, February 5, 2013

how i met your father, part two.

When Husband came along, Elyssa and I were a package deal.  As a single mother, I didn't have a lot in terms of material goods.  But what I did have {and still have} was a very supportive family.  At the time of our meeting, I had temporarily moved back in with my parents, hoping to set money aside for a place of my own.  I had {one year prior} just come out of a whirlwind-stupid-mistake of a marriage, and had more recently quit my unrealistic job as a flight attendant so that I could find something more stable for my daughter {hence the leasing agent job}.  I had also sworn off dating, choosing instead to focus on being a good mom and getting to a point where I could provide for both Elyssa and I independently {not so easy these days without a college degree}.  I think I probably stuck to that "no dating" rule for about three weeks because when Husband walked into my office, all common sense went right out the door and I just knew this guy was going to go places.  And I was going to go with him.  

That was my initial thought about Husband, during our first dates, that he was on his way.  He was confident, he was intelligent, he was a gentlemen, and he was motivated.  He had lived so many places and experienced so many things in life, yet he was so young.  I should have been intimidated, but I wasn't.  He made me feel important, even though in my mind, I was just some single mom who lived with my parents and should have finished college.  He never judged.  He told me everyday that I was a great mom.  He noticed that I got down on the ground to play with Elyssa, even in my pressed work clothes.  He thought that was the coolest thing.  And while he was taking the time to notice those subtle things about me, you can bet I was watching him too, especially with Elyssa.  Like when the first time he met her, he brought her a rose.  Like when the two of them held hands across the street, to shop for a kite.  Like how he gently pushed her on a swing at the park and then squeezed his tall body down a tiny spiral slide because she asked him to go down with her.

Husband never included my daughter to impress me.  He just included her because he wanted her to be with us.  The three of us were such a natural thing.  And if you ask Husband today, he sometimes forgets that Elyssa is not his biologically.  The bond between them is beautiful.  He is her dad and we have raised her together for 14 years.  He saved us, when he walked into my life that gorgeous summer day, all those years ago.  And I was right about him going places.  I was also right about going with him.  Darn, I'm impressively intuitive.  

And just so you know, Husband and I did go out on plenty of dates alone.  Grandma and Papa were awesome sitters, so we had time to get to know each other.  On our first date, I took him out for steak and let him know right away that "I put ketchup on my steak so you better not have a problem with that}.  On another date that comes to mind, Husband and I were really trying to impress one another and so I took him out for lobster {and spent more money than I should have}.  We ate it all up and looked like we enjoyed it, until we both admitted later that we both hate lobster.  What a laugh we had over that one.  Then the whole thing happened again over an apple pie I baked.  If there's one thing we've kept over the years, it's our ability to laugh at ourselves {even as we are shaking our heads}.

Part One here.


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