Wednesday, February 13, 2013

how our family grew from 3 to 4, part two.

Forgive me please, if I completely botch this part of our story or make things up entirely.  I seem to remember a little girl and a wee baby boy.  I know indefinitely that I loved them so much I wanted to gobble them up whole.  I remember clearly, my lips to their chubby cheeks at all times possible.  I remember moving from our first apartment to our first condo to our first farmhouse.  I remember spending all day with the kids and going to work in the evening after Husband came home from work.  I remember bubble baths and I remember stinky bean sprouts growing out of the bathroom sink.  I remember we had a similar phone number as a local company {one digit off} and so I answered their phone calls all day long.  I remember a first minivan and strollers and carseats.  I remember poor little Jackson screaming his lungs out because a fly had landed on him in the back of the car and I had to pull over and soothe him.  I remember painting the kid's ceiling like a cloudy, blue sky and a wooden kitchen set that took up almost their entire room.  I remember a little dog who ate my favorite shoes.  I also gladly recall a trip to London and a trip to Australia at this time, and being thankful for grandparents who loved watching the kids.  I also remember being very tired and just trying to juggle everything, hence not being able to remember every single thing {or most things}.  Our children were so easy and fun though, and we could take them everywhere.  And so that's what we did.  I remember lots of love in our home.  And lots of wonderful naps.

Life as a family of four was cake.  If you think about it, the world is set up perfectly for a family of four - the comfortable restaurant booths, vacation packages, car seating, shopping carts.  It's a wonderful thing.  But who can stop at just two children when having them is so much fun?  And if having two children has already tightened the finances, it seems as good a time as any to throw another child in the mix, right?  And that was our thinking exactly.  

Actually, the true story is that Husband and I were in bed one evening and we looked at each other and decided we wanted to have another baby.  And so it was super hilarious and awesome to find out that I was already two weeks pregnant when we had that conversation.  We are such good planners.

Enter in, this hot piece of work...

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  1. I've really super duper enjoyed reading these tidbits of your life! :) :)I feel like I'm getting to know you as a friend (is that weird? probably!)

  2. I love these!! Maybe I'm just a stalker, but I loving reading the back story. :)


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