Tuesday, February 12, 2013

how our family grew from 3 to 4.

Back in the days of tucking t-shirts into belted baggy jeans and sporting ball caps, we thought it would be a grand time to turn our family of three into a family of four.  And so Jackson was born.  We did the very hip, modern thang - we scheduled his birth.  I had been bedridden for two weeks, dilated too much too soon and so once we were in the clear, our doctor offered to schedule in the birth {unless the baby came earlier of course} and that way everything would be all organized and prepared and no surprises.  That sounded very nice and so we took doc up on that offer.  And then on our scheduled day, the doctor called us to reschedule because everyone had decided to have their babies that day.  Two days later, we kept our new appointment and drove to the hospital for delivery.  It was downright weird.  In my first experience with labor, when Elyssa was born, I had contractions and I hurt and I knew it was time.  With Jackson, I walked into the hospital room feeling very much like I was not going to have a baby.  I felt normal.  A little heavy in the middle with constant back pain, but normal.  Just a few hours after walking into the hospital though, out popped a very healthy baby boy!  And he was beautiful!

Husband did very good during the birthing process.  And whether or not I poopooed on the delivery bed, he will never say.  That's a true gentleman right there.  He didn't pass out or anything.  He took pictures {sorry kids if you ever run into those}, held my hand, breathed with me, and then very bravely cut the umbilical cord.  I did very well too, all things considered.  My epidural had run its course and there wasn't time for the second dose to take affect, so I felt EVERYTHING.  I admire women who want to be all like natural, med-free and stuff, but that ---- is crazy.  You don't get anything extra in life for going all-natural and enduring all that pain.  You get pain.  That's it.  Go for it anyway though, I'm just saying.  :)  Anyway, after Jackson was born I felt nothing again.  Darn epidural.  Actually I did feel something.  I felt tired and hungry.  Oh my goodness, was I hungry!  Sandwich please!  It's a lot of work, having a baby.  A lot of wonderful, emotional work.  It just doesn't get any better than when that little life you created is bundled up in your arms for the first time.  Although taking a first bite of a sandwich right after delivery is a close second.

After squeezing every last drop out of our allotted hospital stay, we took baby Jackson home to our little apartment, where I wouldn't get any sleep for the remainder of my life.  That's what it felt like.  And that Mr. Husband Guy could sleep through anything, so he was of no use most nights.  Love that man, but it's true.  Zzzzzzzzz.  Fortunately, I was able to take time off of work so I could sleep while the baby was sleeping.  Joking.  I still had Elyssa, remember?  Sleep, shmeep.  Seriously though, I loved getting out and about with my two children in tow.  As a family, we were always on the go and both kids were so easy to take anywhere.  And Elyssa just adored her little brother and was always very helpful.  I found having two to be pretty easy and pretty wonderful.  Ever since I was little, I knew I would be a mom.  I just love the fulfillment it brings me.  I have not always known what I was doing, but I've always tried my best.  I'm not proud of every single moment of my motherhood {I'm human}, but I do feel like I must have gotten at least some things right because my kids are amazing.  Like in the most amazing kind of way.  And I can't take all the credit because that Husband is pretty amazing too.

*Jackson is now almost 14 years old and is a proud, self-proclaimed geek who loves to talk anyone's ears off about science.  He is currently translating anything and everything he reads into elvish language.  He wants to attend college at the University of Hawaii, even though he is a little skeptical of island life.  When you're in Hawaii, does it feel like you're on an island?  He would like to study astronomy and later go into space.  If that doesn't pan out, marine biology is a close second and he'll spend some time in Antarctica.  For now, he spends his time doing homework as quickly as possible, and getting basketball practice out of the way, so he can concentrate on video game playing.  I love this kid.

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  1. wow!! your family is amazing and I love reading about them :) :)

  2. Ah, those little baby pictures are killing me! Why do they grow up so fast?! Lovin' your continued love story! :)

  3. in the first pic.. you look like you're 10!! (Thats a compliment btw..)


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