Saturday, February 9, 2013

om nom nom.

Even when you lose, you win. *wink, wink.  

That's what I told Husband after McKenna's team lost their first playoff game last night {they lost by only ONE point - talk about intense!!!}.  And what I meant was that {even though I LOVE watching my kids play and play and play} it's nice sometimes when an opportunity presents itself to have a little recess from the games and mostly the bleachers.  

When we lived in Spokane, we had embraced a tradition of giant, messy weekend breakfasts and it was something I have missed doing. There's nothing like waking your kids up late in the morning, to the smell of bacon!  And this morning {before we head for Jackson's 1pm basketball game}, I did just that.  All three kids at the kitchen table, munching on pancakes, watching tv, and laughing together in their bed heads and pajamas, while I cleaned up in my pajamas, my own luscious bed head, yesterday's mascara smeared under my eyes, and sneaking a bite of pancake in between rinsing greasy pans.  Awesome.

I hope your weekend is all kinds of wintery fun!

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