Thursday, February 21, 2013

the fitness obsession continues.

Here I go again with this fitness and health talk.  Blah, blah, blah.  If you were following me 30+ days ago, then you might remember me getting all fired up about getting in shape.  I'd gotten tired of feeling tired, of being bloated, and of hearing my excuses.  I wanted more energy, more strength, and to feel better.  I wanted my headaches to end.  I wanted to challenge myself.  After taking care of everyone else during our big move, I wanted to finally do something to take care of me.  And let's be real, I wanna look h-o-t.  I'm almost 39 years-old.  Gosh darn it, I just want to look hot.  And that's totally okay.  

When I decide to get totally crazy passionate about something, I tend to be all-or-nothing in the beginning.  Until the fizzle.   There's always a little bit of fizzle.  Husband was so supportive of my sudden need to buy a juicer.  We bought tons of vegetables and I downed two glasses of juice per day {even when it killed me}.  I lasted for about two weeks and I felt really good when I was getting my veggies.  I think the buzz kill for the juicing is the cleaning of the juicer {oh my gosh it sucks} and the constant purchasing of vegetables.  It takes so many fruits and vegetables to make juice.  I was at the grocery store almost everyday.  I don't like to be at the grocery store everyday.  

Will I ever get back into juicing again or will that juicer just sit there taking up space on the kitchen counter?  My answer is yes, I will juice again.  I have to find a rhythm to it, but I'm thinking of trying it every other week.  That way I'm using up my fresh vegetables, but I'm also giving myself a break from the cleaning {and taste}.  I'd use it more as a cleanse than a strict diet.

Daily weigh-ins = love + hate, but mostly hate.  Actually, since I have been working out everyday and eating healthy for 30+ days now, I have experienced both ups and downs of stepping on the scale.  In the first week of juicing, I dropped 5 pounds and so the scale made me happy.  The next week, when I started working out at the gym, my weight went back up a few pounds and so the scale made me sad.  On the third week, my weight stayed steady at a 4 pound weight loss and the scale made me frustrated because it wouldn't budge.  I told Husband that I wasn't going to weigh myself anymore because although I could see results in my changing body, the scale was just plain agony.  I am now into my 5th week and I still continue to weigh myself each morning.  My brain suddenly accepts that my weight might not go down and I am no longer emotional about the scale.  It's a tool.  And not the only one.  Proof of results is in the way I look and feel and how my clothes fit.  The scale just keeps me on track.  I know, for example, if I don't drink enough water one day, my body will retain water and my weight will be up the next day.  It's fascinating, really.

Working out is my latest focus these days.  I joined the rec. center up the road and have been putting in 45 minutes to an hour each day.  It feels so good!  My favorite routine right now is spending 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, 10 minutes with the kettle bell, and then I spend 20 minutes doing strength training. I do switch things up a bit though and I increase my intensity over time, to keep my body challenged.  I listen to good music, I watch daytime tv dramas, and I sweat my buns off.  I switch things up a bit and I increase my intensity over time.  I love it!

I'm still keeping track of my calories, using My Fitness Pal.  That has probably been the most helpful tool for me.  It keeps me eating the right amount for my weight and I've been learning so much from it.  I'm a small girl, so I don't need as many calories as my 6'4 husband, but I used to eat as much as him.  Not anymore.  I've also learned just how HUGE restaurant portions are.  I had come to believe I needed that much food and that I should clean my plate.  I think many people believe that.  We pay for it, so we may as well eat it all.  Well, I'm tired of "paying for it" with a big butt.  I'll gladly pay money for it, but I don't need to eat all of it.  And you can bet that I am not starving myself {not with all of those Pioneer Woman recipes I have been attempting}.  I am eating good food, I am just not eating more than my body needs.

I feel so good, you guys.  I just do.  I can see muscles in my arms and even my stomach!  Angels sing!  I feel challenged and like I'm achieving goals.  I'm getting stronger.  I also have more energy yet sleep like a baby at night.  I even joined an online support group with other moms my age, who want to get healthy.  We be rockin'!  

The thing is, I needed this.  I need this.  This has been awesome.


  1. Love this post! I need help with this my fitness pal app! Is it too invasive to ask for a post about how you keep track? Ideas or tips on healthy snacks that don't take up all your calories?


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