Monday, February 18, 2013

the weekend highlight reel.

We are finishing out our long weekend today, by sleeping in.  That's as far as we've gotten around here.  The house is still quiet.  Husband has set up his work station in the dining room and I have plopped myself down on the couch for some good old blogging fun, so that I may share with you all the kinds of thrilling our weekend was.  Do not be confused by the photos though, for in between the highlighted moments were the totally "boring" moments too.  I think sometimes the kids would prefer to be in school with their friends, rather than be at home with "nothing to do."  And when I say "nothing to do" I mean nothing to do in the way that is said in that pathetic, shoulder-dropping, sighing kind of way.  My favorite.

Here's the perfect example!  Below, Jackson is making brownies.  You would never know that just moments before, he was sitting up their on the kitchen countertop, sliding his tush along the marble and rambling about boredom and wishing there was something to do.  And so {being the sympathetic intelligent mother} I put him to work.  Boredom gone.  For a little while, at least.

And then their was another case of boredom later that evening, as we all sat on the couch, staring at the tv screen.  It was actually my boredom.  It happens even to me.  Fortunately I'm rather good at entertaining myself and decided to play around with McKenna's hair.  Just LOOK at what I did!  Amazing, right?  If you know me and my hair abilities, than you know this is some kind of miracle.  I'm allowed to be proud about this one, I promise.  :)


One of the more magical moments of the weekend was when Jackson's basketball team came back up from a 15 point trail to win their third playoff game by ONE POINT in overtime!  They are the only team to remain undefeated in the playoffs and it's freaking exciting!  They have a real shot at the championship, which is pretty darn cool.

And what do you know?  Another night of television and hair pulling!  

Other highlights from the weekend {sans photos}:

>> Husband traded in his "rig" for a vehicle so much more appropriate for him.  He's happy now.  Which makes me happy, of course.

>> Elyssa did much homework in her bedroom.  She is currently learning about cells in biology and is now thinking about changing her major from Psychology to Biology.  I had no idea cells were so fascinating. :P  She still plans on being a doctor.  $$$

>> We all saw Escape from Planet Earth or something like that.  If only movie seats were more comfortable, I could have had a nice nap.

>> Snow.  It keeps happening.  Whyyyyyyy?????

How as your weekend? Did you do anything absolutely clever?  Did you watch Downton?  Did you want to throw something at the end?


  1. All the kids in my family learned early on never to tell Mom we were bored. Her cures for boredom usually included stuff like mopping the floor, etc. :P

  2. We all have Spring fever here! Way to go on the hair, that is amazing...vlog please! I am finished with season 1 of DA and onto season 2...I'm hooked!


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