Wednesday, February 27, 2013

what the family's been up to these days.

It's ugly out there, friends.  Simply ugly.  I've often thought about taking my camera outside to try to capture some winter beauty {in an effort to find the beauty in even the mundane}, but I'm sorry to say that there's nothing out there that impresses me.  It's just icky.

Rather than hang my mighty, round head in despair though, I thought I'd share the goods going on right now {before returning to my bed to weep for Spring}.  Family updates make everyone happy, right?

I'll start with me {I always do!}.  I'm currently feeling like I'm waiting for my life to start, only not as dramatically as that sounds.  I'm enrolled in an online Education program and am set to start on March 1st.  I've had experience with online courses, so I am looking forward to the convenience of doing my learning at home while the kids are in school.  I'm nervous though about writing papers and taking exams and all that timely stuff.  Before the move, I was a full-time student and I loved it and I did well and I balanced it all quite extraordinarily {if I do say so myself}.  But I've had 8 months of easy living, which is quite enough time to forget about studying and writing and cramming and test-taking.  I'm a little nervous all over again.  Plus I will just be at home, able to stay in my pajamas all day, working on my computer, having no social life.  That's my fear, anyway.  My goal, however, is to continue to get up, work out, get dressed, and get out to the library or coffee shop to do some studying sometimes.  I could easily become a hermit if I allowed myself, but I don't want that.  For the most part, I am excited to use my brain again and work toward my teaching degree.  It will be wonderful to work with kids again and feel like a real contribution to society once again.

Husband is slowly getting back into travel-mode, which I can only imagine is pretty sweet.  I love an opportunity to get out of town {even though he is working, obviously}.  He is flying back from Orlando right now and I'm trying not to think too much about how 80 degrees felt on his person.  When he's not working, he's busying himself with making summer travel plans for the family.  It turns out, I'll have a turn at Orlando too, this summer, when we all visit DISNEY WORLD!  It's only a 2-hour flight!!!  Woot woot!  Needless to say, we are all very excited about this family trip.  When Husband isn't busy planning trips, he can usually be found at a local restaurant with me, having a little lunch date.  We enjoy our lunch dates.

Elyssa is still plugging away at school and plans to graduate this Spring {with just one summer class to complete her AA degree} and then is off to the university.  Her goal is to live in the honors dorms and so she has put in her application for that.  It will be really weird to have her be away from home, but I am excited for her.  Last weekend I helped her hang framed photos on her bedroom walls, so I am taking that as a sign that she's not too ready to leave us just yet.  Plus the university is only 20 minutes away, so I imagine weekend trips home for laundry and lots of family dinner dates downtown.

Jackson finished his basketball season with the Champion play-off title.  I think he is forever done with competitive basketball, so this was a happy last finale.  He still plays video games and computer games and gets together with friends.  We just signed him up for a week-long Science camp {with a friend} for this summer.  He gets to stay in a college dorm and do all things science-y which is perfect for him.  He also is currently on a healthier-eating kick and has decided {along with me} to say bye-bye to sports drinks and aspartame.  He's drinking water for now, along with his rice milk.  The last thing I want him to do though, is focus too much on changing himself.  I want him to see what I see, which is a handsome, sweet, funny, caring guy.  We'll just eat a little healthier, work a little harder, and go from there.  Moderation.

McKenna is still plugging away at basketball and has been invited to continue playing on a Spring team.  Of course, she is like, "Can I think about it?"  It has been such a long season.  But the girl is good, so I am trying to be "encouraging."  We also just signed her up to go on a 5th grade overnight trip at the end of the school year.  Talk about fun - Gettysburg and Hershey Park!  Lucky!  She's kind of nervous to leave us for the night, but I'm enforcing this one.  It's not like I'm making her endure torture.  She WILL have fun.  And she needs the experience of being away from us.  I mean, she has been away from us plenty, but she still gets nervous and homesick.  But I'm kind of thinking it'll be hard to miss us when she's at an AMUSEMENT PARK!!!

I just realized that most of our updates have something we are looking forward to in the near future {as when it's NOT winter}.  I guess we are all kind of waiting.  Right now we just continue to plug along in school.  We stay inside by the fire.  We eat dinner together.  We watch some tv.  We do homework.  We pass time.

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  1. I feel like we're in a waiting period now, too. But exciting things will be happening soon, and that's always something to look forward to! Disneyworld--man, I would love to go there someday. And I understand what you mean about getting out of the school habit after a while. Angel worked for two years after college and then started online school, and he really wasn't looking forward to getting back to the grind of studying and homework....but now, that just seems like part of our life again!


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