Wednesday, February 27, 2013

you might be perimenopausal if...

Sorry boys, I'm about to go there.

You might be perimenopausal if...

... you break out into a sweat while putting on mascara.

... you find yourself in a desperate sprint to the thermostat after yelling, "Who turned up the damn heat?"

... you talk aloud to yourself for a good five minutes about how some people have no regard for normal house temperatures.

... you run five miles and gain 3 pounds all in one day.

... you can hardly get your rings on your swollen fingers one day.

... you suddenly can get your rings on but you can't stop peeing all the next day.

... you have zero tolerance for listening to other people's woes in life.  Suck it up, camper.

... you laugh one minute and then cry for the other forty minutes.

... do you know what crying does to these eyes the next day?

... you're happy when your husband goes out of town but you're miserably depressed without him.

... you're miserably depressed about a cookie.  And that other one too.

Sounds like fun, right?  Oh I am all kinds of entertaining right now.  In fact, I'm going to tag this post under "Family Fun."


  1. Whoa... arent you too young for this?? Bc if you are not, then I got some work to do in the next few years. Damn. too funny.

    1. I never hate the question "Aren't you too young?" You can say that anytime! :)
      Unfortunately, I am old enough for this torture.

    2. Do I live under a rock? I thought menopause was at 50? Christ above... I only have five years until this and zero kids. Nothing like lighting a fire under my buns! :) Either way- you look like a little cute ballerina above even if you are sweating while applying that makeup

  2. I'm 38 and all I have to say is, "Amen, sister friend." About

  3. oh wow, sounds like a trip :) hang in there!!

  4. Oh my god. I agree with all of the above. I am afraid I am right there with you lol, even though some people would say "...but you are too young for that aren't you?" -sigh-. It may very well be psychological but yeah, the symptoms are there, -except for the part where you get too hot, I am always too too cold- (sometimes I think that I already died and haven't noticed -ha!)

    By the way, you look suuuper cute with a ponytail in your hair!

    1. P.S.
      The part where you run the five miles and gain a pound in one day, good lord, it happens to me all the time, so frustrating -sigh-.

    2. The hot flashes are insane for me. Fortunately it's only when I'm pmsing for now. My mom suffers horrible hot flashes so I know what I have to look forward to. :)
      I suppose we just have to keep exercising, but not be so hard on ourselves in terms of weight. It's just too complicated isn't it?

  5. Been there done that! Actually a few years ago mine was so bad I resorted to going to a naturopathic doctor for help. My hormones were so out of whack. And I had adrenal fatigue - all worsened by my gluten intolerance. Once I was diagnosed with all these things, they put me on a plan to get better- and it was NIGHT AND DAY! If you find you struggle for a while, it's totally worth the trip to the naturaopath for bioidentical hormone therapy (ala Suzanne Somers!)


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