Sunday, March 31, 2013

a beautiful break.

After some time with friends yesterday morning {and on into the afternoon}, McKenna and I were zonked.  East Coast time and lack of sleep had finally caught up with us.  We managed to squeeze what was left of our energy and take a peek at the backside of our hotel.  I knew it had to border the river, but when we came to the other side of the building, there was a whole amazing world back there that I never knew existed while we lived here.  A trail along the river was filled with runners and walkers and strollers, the people out taking advantage of beautiful weather.  It was awesome.  We walked on the trail  a bit and McKenna stopped under the overpass and skipped rocks, until we decided we'd love to just sit around a watch tv and headed back up to our hotel room.  Our evening consisted of swimming, The Wizard of Oz {Judy Awesome Garland!!!}, snacks from the lobby, and then zzzzzzzz.

Have a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Beautiful shots! It sounds like you and your daughter had a wonderful time. I long to be able to do that with my daughter too -sigh-, one day :)


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