Thursday, March 21, 2013

a good day for a birthday.

I'm pretty sure I heard birthday-boy-husband ask me not to post cone hat photos on the old bloggeroo, but I'm risking it because he looks absolutely dapper and I want to remember it always.

And I'm pretty confident I can get away with anything right now because I heard the words, "best birthday ever" come right out of his mouth.  True story.

Want to know what genius gift I got this guy for his birthday?  He's like the most difficult person to shop for but I nailed it this time.  I bought him a dresser.  A tall, manly dresser {that of course looks great in our bedroom and I totally approve of}.  He was indeed surprised and had no idea at all.  I win!!!  That man has been squeezing his clothes into a small three-drawer dresser for years, while I've been spoiled with a nice, roomy 5-drawer.  You can imagine how fair that's been, being that his clothes have to be much more giant-er than mine {not wide-ways, tall-ways}.  He would appreciate the clarification, I know.

Life is fair now.  And I actually bought a gift that didn't suck.  Awesome!

I guess the cat's outta the bag on his age.  83.

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