Saturday, March 2, 2013

a good saturday.

Good Saturdays start with good breakfasts.  I cooked for an army, even though only four of us were home to devour it.  


This morning I met with my college mentor by phone, for the first time {in my pajamas and smelling like bacon}.  She's going to be with me until I graduate, bless her heart, calling me every week.  I can already tell that we're going to get along just fine and it's pretty cool that she lives in Pennsylvania too.  And she has a cousin named Misty.  Awesome.  We plotted my classes for the term and I am happily starting with easy, old Health & Fitness.  Can you even believe my luck???  Here I am all into working out and eating healthier and now I get to study it for college credit.  Bring it.

McKenna was supposed to only have ONE basketball game this weekend, but it's never that simple.  Right after my phone call, coach called to ask if McKenna could play for another team who was short on players.  Of course the game was in less than an hour and of course we were all still in our pajamas. Of course we all said yes, she could help.  And so that girl played two games, back-to-back.  And in one game she played on the rival team.  What a trooper.  Jackson was a trooper too, rooting his sister on, when he could have been at home playing video games.

Husband got wrangled into running the scoreboard, so he was a trooper too.  Not only did he have to keep score, but he had to play emcee and talk into a microphone to announce the players names.  He did AWESOME!  That man is up for anything, I tell you.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. what a busy weekend! I keep forgetting to ask, what degree are you going for?


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