Sunday, March 31, 2013

an hour and a half for chicken fingers.

If you are crazy enough to follow my Instagram feed, than you may have seen my Round Table Pizza photo from our visit here in Spokane and you also might have read my friend's response, "Round Table is it?  The only thing worth going to Spokane for."  And she is mostly right about that, no offense to the fine people of Spokane {remember I lived here}.  In fact, we actually have to drive 1.5 hours in middle-of-nowhere Moscow, Idaho for one of our favorite restaurants.  That's exactly what McKenna and I did today.  It had started to become our tradition when we did live here.  And so we drove out into the open road, out onto the rolling plains, and through Pullman, Washington {home of the WSU Cougars} and into Moscow, Idaho {home of Wingers and a mall that sits across the street from a cow farm.  Yes, you walk out of the mall and you can see cows right across the street; and smell them too.

And do you know what?  The Winger's chicken that we LOVE is not even the same.  It was still tasty, but not the same.  I make it better at home.  This is actually great news because now we can all stop obsessing over this darn chicken.  It doesn't matter that we live so far away anymore.


Are you starting to get the idea that this family likes to eat out at restaurants as often as possible?

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  1. I have favorite restaurants I crave from home and when we go back, it is never as good as I remembered. Those peti's look yum!


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