Wednesday, March 27, 2013

apparently little kids think i can rock a mustache. so i probably can.

Those are my parents with some cute kids I don't know.  They're working the finger mustaches very well, I must say.  Not sure what my mom's looking at, but it's probably delicious and at least she isn't blinking.  But why the mustaches?  Well, it's for me.  I feel so loved.  Allow me refresh your memory. 

Do you remember this photo? From this embarrassing story?  Well, my brother still has it as his screen saver {lucky me}.

And this is what those cute kids had to say about the photo...


First of all, could they be any cuter? Somebody get these girls an agent because they have some seriously amazing speaking abilities in front of a camera!
I can't even do that.

Katy Perry.

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  1. But I am blinking and there was no flash! Oh Pooh! Well anyway, yes this was so cute and funny!


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