Thursday, March 28, 2013

five a.m. excitement.

Preteens & teenagers in this house like their sleep.  Even the older people in this house {who can't possibly be old enough to have preteens and teenagers} like their sleep.  The baby phase of waking up multiple times a day has long since passed us by and {although babies are way cool, of course}it has been such a blessing to NOT walk around like a zombie all day.
Until today.
Today I'm sleepy.
Miss McKenna woke me up from dreamland at 5am to tell me she couldn't sleep because she's so excited.  I think I remember being happy for her. 
McKenna Monkey Pants has much to be excited about, so I can't really blame her.  I'm excited too.  Today she finally gets her birthday present... to visit her friends in Spokane, the ones we said goodbye to 9 months ago.  The ones she Skypes and Face times  It's freaking exciting!!!  It's going to be a quick trip, but we're making every second count.  This is her little dream come true.

Later this morning, I found that girl fast asleep on the guest bed.  We might like excitement in this house, but sleep wins every time.

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