Friday, March 1, 2013

happy friday. happy clickables.

Last night I kept the scorebook at a basketball game FOR MY FIRST TIME EVER.  Talk about crazy.  I know it's probably not that hard.  But it really is.  All those numbers, all those baskets, all those fouls, all those possession changes.  I am pretty much on a high right now for the simple fact that I survived.  And it was kind of fun.  I think the best part was just having the opportunity to try something new and challenging.  Putting myself out there.  Taking a risk.  Doing the crazy things that parents have to do for the children.  And speaking of challenges...

My college courses officially begin today, which is going to greatly affect my daily to-do list and my priorities.  I'm a natural born list-maker-writer-downer-of-all-things-needing-to-be-done.  This quick video captures the art of list-making wonderfully!

Here are some other clicks from around the interwebs that will not disappoint {hopefully}:

Brilliant use of a lazy susan.  Would you do this?

Blueberry pancakes + blueberry syrup = somekindamagic.

Google Glass looks so super duper cool.

What a terrific substitute for boring old brown bag lunches.

I'm pretty sure I need this top.  Or this one.  So beautifully handmade.  LOVE the necklines.

Fortunately, I love my exercise routine.  But this sheds a little light on why some people HATE it.

Dramatic apple cat cracks me up.

I watched this saucy cheeseburger get made, while I was running my 5th mile on the treadmill.  It was pure torture.  I could taste it through the tv screen.  I can't stop thinking about it.  This weekend.  It's getting made.  The secret is to melt the cheese first and then pour it onto the burger.  OH MY FREAKING DELICIOUSNESS.


  1. Oooh, I realllly love those tops.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my tops Misty! Love your blog, especially your fun sense of humor.

    Out of Line


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