Sunday, March 17, 2013

happy st. patty's day from two minimally irish girls.

Husband has no Irish blood in him, but I am happy to say that I myself, genetically contracted a wee bit o' the stuff and passed even less onto my children.  They have a drop of Irish in them somewhere, it has been confirmed by Grandma!  And so it tis true.  Today we are lucky enough to be running Costco errands, studying for Biology and Health exams, working on a tri-fold poster-board presentation of Neil Armstrong, and making chicken enchiladas for a very non-Irish dinner.  But I did enjoy a bowl of delicious Lucky Charms for breakfast, so that counts for something.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
I bet 99% of the U.S. citizens don't know who that guy is,
but we sure know how to wear green.

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