Friday, March 15, 2013

if you have a camera in your car...

...chances are Husband will use it on your face.

So, this is what I look like driving in a puffy coat.  Coolio.

Hey friends,
I use Google Reader to follow all of my millions of favorite blogs, but after July 1st Google Reader will no longer exist {whataloadofcrap}.  I fixed that problem by importing everything from my reader into Bloglovin'.  It took like two seconds.  Have you done it yet?  Bloglovin' does it for you, so what are you waiting for?

Today I'm in my pajamas, writing a paper on U.S. History.  Environmental factors that influenced expansion to the wild, wild West, to be exact.  I wish that took two seconds.  It turns out that gold rush was a flop, although it did get people headed to California in a hurry.  And 10 years of a Dust Bowl in the 30's taught American farmers {the hard way} about the importance of preventing soil erosion.  Even back in the early days, we fine Americans had not the patience to wait for anything.  Although we like to blame impatience on the younger generations, we really get to blame it on the older ones.  

And that's your history lesson for the day.


  1. I would never allow my husband to take pictures of me, he just gets the worst angles of me lol!

    You look so cute :)

    I had zero idea that google reader was about to kaput, I used it but not really, I actually prefer bloglovin', so much cuter and much better.


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