Sunday, March 10, 2013

signs of spring. and saints.

Today was beautiful.  70 degrees of beautiful.  Sadly, I spent most of those beautiful hours indoors, passed out on my bed, trying to make up for that dumb hour that sprang forward.  The loss of that hour knocked me on my butt.  When I did finally manage to get up though, and shake off the lethargy, and get thee outside, it was wonderful.  Like really wonderful.  Husband and I walked the yard, picking up sticks and branches {and Diet Coke cans}, leftover from winter's wind and storms.  We discussed the idea of a fire pit in the middle of our backyard and decided to ignore a leaning retaining wall for now.  We have been in this house long enough to enjoy a tail-end of summer and all of the privacy the trees and shrubs offer.  We have watched the leaves fall and the branches become bare.  We have seen our yard covered in a white blanket of snow for most of the winter.  We have yet to see a Pittsburgh spring and we are damn excited {it's okay to say damn right?}.

And today, Husband pointed out the very first signs of spring.  Those little tree buds are making me so happy right now.  And I can see tulips pushing up out of the ground too.  And that's about it.  But I'll take it.

And not because I'm trying to be offensive or get a one-way ticket to h-e-double hockey sticks, but our previous home owners left behind two garden saints and we finally decided it's time for them to find a new garden.  We are not actually Catholic {even though Husband might have told the previous owners we were when they asked if they could leave these two behind} and it might confuse people that we don't do Catholic types of things.  So anyway, being the mature lady that I often am, I hefted Mary and Peter {I'm totally guessing based on Husband's guess - he did attend parochial school} up to the deck, and placed them on a table, peeking into the kitchen window.  I kind of dig them.  Is that bad to say?  I love that Mary is so much taller than Peter.  It's kind of perfect.

May the force be with you, brethren.

I'm in so much trouble, aren't I?


  1. That is St. Francis of Assisi...patron Saint of animals!

  2. Oh my goodness, thank you! Now, I'm really in trouble. :) That explains why he's in our garden. We do get lots of animals, especially deer.
    Now I get to tell my husband he was wrong, which is kind of fun. :)

    Thanks for the clear up!

    1. i love telling my husband when he is wrong...anytime you have a saint question..this irish catholic church secretary will be happy to answer it for you!

  3. I am SO EXCITED about spring!!!!!!! yup. ECSTATIC!

  4. Girrrrrrrrrrrlll... St. Peter?? No... St. Francis... and its ok that you're not Catholic.. to quote Seinfeld.. "Thats no sin"...

  5. Francis is my favorite saint! How apropos, what with the new pope taking the name Francisco :)


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