Thursday, March 28, 2013

waiting for this day for like forever.

I think today dragged on and on the longest ever.  But really we have been waiting for this day for 4 months, so what's another day, really?
McKenna and I are at the airport now, ready to hop aboard that plane and get our butts to Spokane!!!  I have no idea what this trip is going to be like, probably super exciting in the beginning and sadly emotional toward the end.  Those darn goodbyes, huh?  They just stink.
I'm wondering what it's going to be like to see our old house.
And eat at our favorite restaurants.
And see familiar faces.
I wonder if I'll feel good that we've moved on.
Or if that place will tug on my heartstrings a little bit.
I'm sure it'll be a little of both.

No matter what though, McKenna and I have a to-do list, a to-see list and a to-eat list, and it is ALL getting done!

Spokane or bust!

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