Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a good haircut and handy downs.

There's my handsome soon-to-be-fourteen-year old, passing time before he heads out to catch his bus.  I love a fresh haircut on this kid.  Always have.  

A funny, little comment was made this morning by Miss McKenna.  We were in the kitchen discussing the handing down of clothes.  I know I had mentioned something about cleaning out my closet and selling my clothes, but I decided to instead, pass them onto my eldest daughter who is very thrifty and prefers not to spend money on expensive new clothes.  Plus I loved getting into my own mother's closet when I was a teen, so it's fun to give my girls the same opportunity.

Anyway, I digress {as not uncommon}.  We were standing in the kitchen and McKenna joined in, something about how she gets Elyssa's "handy downs."

Handy downs.  :)

It was so cute and McKenna was a little embarrassed, but she's used to the attention that comes with mixing up words.  *When she was little, she asked for "a circle thing with a pokey thing up" and a "door bell." Can you guess what she meant???

I'll give you a clue - they are both chocolaty treats.

*Circle thing with a pokey thing up - Hershey's Kiss
 Door bell - Hostess Ding Dong

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