Monday, April 29, 2013

a house without shutters.

Hello to a simpler look.  A few weeks ago we removed the maroon plastic shutters that came with the house.  Although I do like shutters on many styles of houses, I really wanted to try a more classic, unelaborated, colonial look.  Plus this makes us the ONLY house in the neighborhood without shutters and I love nothing more than to be the oddball.  :)  I'm so happy with its simplicity and the way that the door really draws attention now.  The only thing to do now is find some brick cleaner and see if we can clean up that chalky white residue around the windows.  And I'm replacing those old, white porch lights for some shiny black ones!

Have you ever cleaned brick?  What did you use?


  1. Your house is seriously gorgeous. I love a brick house...and love being unique as well, so the no shutters look is really great! (I have no clue how to clean brick, btw)

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