Sunday, April 21, 2013

a little taste of barbecue heaven.

Sunday is our family night out.  We go in order of youngest to oldest and each week one of us picks the restaurant.  This week was all mine.  :)  Husband and I decided to use our "picks" to try new places, while the kids prefer to use their picks for the stuff they really like {smart kids}.  Tonight I found a quaint barbecue shack, Two Brothers Bar-B-Q, just ten minutes from home and decided to give it a try.  Voted "Best BBQ in Pittsburgh" five years in a row, how could I go wrong?

This little place really does sit off the beaten path, in the little town of Presto, across from the smallest post office ever and a pretty, little river.  The seating is all outdoor on picnic tables and the food is all packed to-go.  We had every intention of eating outside, but it just got too cold and so we headed home to devour the goods.

The Verdict:

BBQ Pork Quesadilla - WOW!  I assumed this would be weird, but I was so wrong.  This was so good and cheesy and the flavor was awesome.

Pulled Pork Sandwich - Another WOW!  Best ever, in my opinion.  So tender and juicy.  The barbecue sauce is delicious and the bun was perfect.

Rack of Ribs - Do you see Husband's expression in the photo above?  That really says it all.  He and Jackson devoured their entire 1/2 racks.  Heaven.

This is just one of those places that allows you to grab good, messy food and enjoy it outside {when it's warm}.  It was definitely a good experience for this family and I think we all agree that we'll become regulars.

P.S. We don't normally allow cell phones at the dinner table, but since we were just waiting for our food, we let the kids play their texting game, which is kind of funny.  They text each other a bunch of emojis and then tell stories with them.  It's pretty funny.


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