Tuesday, April 9, 2013

early spring on the potomac.

Washington D.C., blah-blah-blah. Beautiful Potomac River {that I can't pronounce worth beans}, blah-blah-blah.  It was all fine and dandy, blah-blah-blah.

But today!  TODAY!  Right now!  In Pittsburgh!  Where I am!  Sitting in my pajamas, at my dining room table, sunlight on my face, window open, WARM air pouring in!  I want to discuss that!  Spring has finally arrived, happy friends and I am in love, oh I'm in love!  The darn birds are so loud I can barely concentrate on my studies.  I love those darn birds!  My cats stayed out to play all night and they are still out on the back deck basking in the sunlight.  Even cats know a long winter when they see one. We are all just happy as clams this week!

Another thing I'm happy about... this week Elyssa came home from school to announce she had a hard lump on her neck and no other symptoms.  Of course she was nervous, so that made me nervous, so Husband took her to the doctor that evening and that doctor made us even more nervous by referring us to an oncologist.  And of course I don't want to go around calling people and telling them this stuff and making them worry if it turned out to be nothing, so I just kept it all to myself and hoped some other symptoms would show up.  I've never wished sickness upon my children, this was a first for me!  Well, yesterday she came home from school and announced she had white spots on her tonsils and I did a big old happy dance.  I'm pretty sure I ran up to that girl and tried to spin in a circle with her, but it confused her more than anything so I jumped up and down instead.  It was back to the doctor for a confirmation of our guess- tonsillitis.  Woot, woot!  I've never been so happy for tonsillitis.

So the moral of the story is... don't Web M.D.  Just don't do it, friends.

*thanks for putting up with my randomness this morning.


  1. Yay for warm weather in PA!

    Ok, I totally understand what you mean about having symptoms. It's so much better when you know what's going on...glad she's going to be ok! And definitely say no to Web MD...and google...like I do :/

  2. amazing pictures, I love them! I just started writing a blog a few days ago, would you like to follow each other? follow me and I'll follow you back! I love photography and wow, the pics are great!


    thank you sooo much!


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