Wednesday, April 10, 2013

george washington had it going on.

Welcome to beautiful Mt. Vernon - home to George and Martha Washington.
The house is stunning.  The view of the Potomac is inspiring.  The land is breathtaking.
But what about those modern conveniences?
a) A walk outdoors to the "necessary" to do your business.
b) A separate kitchen building with no electricity.

It sounds like luxury camping to me.

Oh, but the view!

So, a couple of things...

1.  From the side of the house, we walked down to the outbuildings and stopped to look inside a stable that was filled with horse kinds of stuff.  The stable absolutely reeked of animals and we were amazed {along with other visitors} that the smell had lasted so long.  I mean, George and Martha retired from this place long ago.  I also heard sheep bah-ing inside the empty stable and asked if anyone else heard that too, to which Husband replied, "I think they have a recording playing in there."  We is smart, yes we is.  After leaving the stable, we followed the path which led us right behind the building and can you even guess what we saw?  SHEEP.  BAH.  The smell, the sounds, all explained.  Duh.

2.  We took a tour through the main house.  You must purchase a ticket to do so.  You must enter into a line of people that continuously moves through the house.  You must not take pictures.  So, we did all those things and got stuck standing in front of the most annoying family ever.  The kids were rotten and loud and fighting, but I understand about children and so my patience is pretty thick for those little guys.  I mean, who doesn't want to kick a little brother sometimes?  But the dad.  He understood nothing of social politeness.  It was truly his world.  He was king.  He stood right behind me (7 inches from the back of my head) and talked to his family (facing my head), in the loudest voice I've ever heard (straight into my ears).  If I stepped forward, he stepped forward.  Of course, I'm too polite to turn around and say SHUT UP!  So, Husband, McKenna and I just rolled our eyes at one another and whispered all kinds of things about that dumb guy.  I even moved my mouth when he spoke to make it look like I was the one speaking.  It was kind of funny, but mostly I wanted to kick him in the shins.  Finally we got this idea to let them go ahead of us.  SO SMART!  That way we looked nice even though we were really mean.  And guess what?  The couple that was previously ahead of us in line went crazy over the loud-talker man too and they allowed the family to move ahead of them in line.  By that time I think the wife was onto our evil plan because she kept turning around to give me the stink-eye, to which I smiled widely and satisfactorily.

3.  You should have seen the green color that was painted in George's dining room!  I came super close to deciding we needed the exact same green in ours.  But then I thought better of it.  Painting is such work.

Oh just you wait!  More Mt. Vernon photos tomorrow!  I aim to please.


  1. Looks like a fun little tour... the "sheep tape" had me cracking up a little, hehe.

    1. Isn't that funny? We were cracking ourselves up!


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