Friday, April 12, 2013

have a breezy weekend.

Too bad a rainbow of vegetables is still vegetables.

Uh oh.  Husband just emailed me this article.  Sometimes we shopaholics needs a gentle reminder.

This guy kicks butt.  And football.

Did you know that Kashi cereal your eating is really made by Kellogg's?  And Burt's Bees is made by Clorox?

Best for last! I just shipped my pants at Kmart.  For free.  :)

Have a happy weekend, everyone!  Our plans include weeding and lawn care.  I love how that sounds!!!  I know some of you are still covered in snow and I'm thinking of you.  The sun feels amazing and hopefully you'll find that out very soon!


  1. Sigh, so jealous of your breezy open windows and lawn care! Our weekend plans still include shoveling snow. Hopefully someday soon mother nature will realize it's spring. Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh you poor thing! It will happen for you very soon and I promise it will feel so so so good!! Hang in there, friend!


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