Thursday, April 11, 2013

it's good to be first president.

Here are the rest of the Mt. Vernon photos!  Oh what a garden! Did you see that fencing along the building with the cherry blossom tree in front?  Someday.  

Well, all of this colonial beauty from the weekend inspired us to spruce up our own home a little bit.  Of course I will show photos soon, but yesterday we removed the maroon, plastic shutters from our house and now we are officially the ONLY house in the entire neighborhood without shutters.  It's not that I don't appreciate the beauty of those window enhancements, in fact they do make many homes look absolutely stunning, but I really wanted to simplify the look of our home.  You know how thick cartoon eyebrows can make eyes look a little stubborn?  Well, that's how the shutters made our house look.  Stubborn eyebrows.  But now?  Well now, I have no idea what it looks like, but definitely not stubborn.
So, this weekend is all about the front door and making it look like the rockstars that reside behind it!  Now to come up with a plan!

Is the weather looking up where you live?  It's so muggy and hot these past few days, NO COMPLAINTS!  Yesterday was one big thunder and lightening show and that's the stuff of my dreams!  Everything is green today, the buds are about to burst and there's about a hundred different kinds of birdcalls going on in my backyard plus one wandering raccoon.  Life is good.

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