Monday, April 29, 2013


Elyssa has some pretty cool stuff coming up in the next few weeks; she only has one week left of classes until summer break aannnddd... she will graduate {with honors} from the community college, earning her AAS degree at age 17!!!  I am one proud mama.  This move most certainly did not slow her down.  Last Friday she received an award from the Honor's Program.  She was one of four students, out of 400, to receive the award.  Pretty darn amazing.  Next on her list - take Calculus this summer, turn 18, visit her friends in Spokane, vacation with the family, find a part-time job, and get started at the University.  She has decided to live at home while going to school, which is financially a super-big-fat phew.  Plus we kind of like having her around, so it's all good.  :)

This weekend was a nice, fresh, spring-rainy one.  I'm realizing how much I enjoy the rain.  It's like some kind of magic potion that leaves the grass bright green and opens up the flowers.  Everyday our yard is enclosed a little bit more by the expanding trees and shrubs.  It's just so greeeeeeen!!!  

Over the weekend, McKenna developed a horrible cold and so she is taking this Monday off from school.  This poor girl has always taken the nagging cough to a whole new level of hacking and I cringe when I hear the slightest cough from her.  It often means gagging, and cleaning sheets, and not being able to sleep, but she seems to be keeping food down this time around.  For breakfast, she asked for Eggo waffles, sausage and bacon.  I am to please.  And wouldn't you know, she left not a crumb on her plate.  Starve a fever, feed a cold rings true with this girl.  So, this happy Monday we are both on the couch; her watching the Disney Channel and me trying hard NOT to get sucked into the tv so I can work on geometry.  Yes, more math.  

Happy Monday!


  1. very cool, way to go Elyssa. I'm curious, did she graduate high school early? Hope McKenna gets well soon!

    1. She did graduate a year early from high school, plus she was taking college classes at the same time, so she was able to earn her AAS degree at the same time. :)

  2. I've been meaning to tell you for awhile that I absolutely love your new banner! I hope your youngest daughter feels better and your oldest enjoys her graduation! That is some achievement!


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