Tuesday, April 30, 2013

lest i forget.

Mojo would like for this story to be forever engrained into the www, so here goes...

A family excursion to Costco {because who doesn't enjoy those} ended in a rather strange cash-register moment, although I think my family and I can argue that it did feel like it lasted two whole minutes at least, when the lady who was boxing our carted items paused to pick her nose with all of the great intensity of a pro athlete.  The pick lasted long enough for me spy the disappearing finger act, go into a little bit of shock, turn to my husband, give him the wide-eyed, sharp head nod in her direction {of which the kids caught onto of course}, and time for each of them to witness such a spectacle.  Jackson swears she had half of her finger in there.  When she was done, she brushed her finger along her jeans and then continued to box our food.

Anyway, her focus was absolutely amazing.  I can't stop thinking about her, as she made quite an impact.  And that was two days ago.

As long as she isn't dishing out the food samples, I think I'll recover.


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