Monday, April 15, 2013

lightsabers for the family.

These kids just keep growing too fast.  Most days I'd like it if they could slow down a little bit, but then there are those rare times when I daydream about what it will be like when they are old enough to be moved out and raising their own sassy, little children {oh, I'm kidding, kids}.  Elyssa doesn't count, of course.  She's made it up the teenage hill and back down to the other side safe and sound and now emotionally stable.  Her days here at home are numbered and so I know not to take it for granted.  The other two rascals, however, are currently chugging with great fervor up the teenage hill.

Let's talk teenage boy.  The one who lives with us is hilarious and creative and very social; by very social, I mean he talks from the moment he wakes up until the moment right before he falls asleep.  This is nothing Husband and I want to discourage.  We love that he talks and we want to keep him talking, even early in the a.m. before we've had our coffee {or diet coke}.  The last thing we want is a teenager who doesn't talk, right?  He's also growing a slight mustache that you can see under the sunlight when he tilts his head just so.  That's pretty awesome.  What else is awesome is that this weekend he made each of us a lightsaber.  He carved and painted sticks for the handles and then glued long, plastic tubes onto the end of each stick.  He even let his little sister tag along for the project.  It was very thoughtful and it was great to see him focused and working and completely enthralled in his project.

There is just something so refreshing about the warmer weather and it seems to have reenergized our family, especially the kids.  Our house now extends to include the yard and we just can't get out there enough.  I'm often outside cleaning up the yard, planting flowers, and sometimes just sitting out there and enjoying the fresh air.  The kids have rediscovered the next door neighbor kids and early evenings are spent chasing one another back and forth across both lawns.  McKenna and I even took our bikes out this evening and rode the neighborhood hills on our in-the-garage-all-winter-flat tires and I impressed that girl with my miraculous ability to stay seated while pedaling up hill {even though I was dying on the inside}.  The poor girl had to push her bike up the hill while her show-off mom rode on ahead into the sunset.

Don't worry though.  I got off my high-horse and walked up that last hill with the little lady.  And all those downhill slopes, I couldn't keep up with that speed racer!  Baby girl is fast!

I sure do love my family.
My heart goes out to those families who are hurting tonight in Boston.

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