Sunday, April 21, 2013

sunday snapshots.

1.  A nautical doorstop from Target.  
2.  A basket of hanging flowers.  
3.  The front entryway.  Welcome, Spring.
4.  My planter flowers are thriving.  Small miracles.
5.  New strand of lights for the deck.  Can I hang these everywhere?  
6.  A happy cat runs in the sun.
7.  The leaves are about to open up!
8.  Snow pants in April {for airsoft capture the flag, not snow, thank goodness}.
9.  A geared-up girl.
10.  A geared-up guy.
11.  Little flowers popping up everywhere.
12.  Is it wrong to love my bedroom so much?  I just love it.
13.  Me chilling on a Sunday.  No big deal.

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  1. Love your hair!!! Super cute as a blonde!! Looks like a fab weekend...enjoy!

  2. Thank you! It was a good, relaxing weekend. :)


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