Wednesday, April 24, 2013

yard work makes us crazy. but a good crazy.

Yep, it can burn some calories.
Pumping iron?
Sure, it can build some muscle.

But I swear that nothing is more calorie-burning, muscle-building and {definitely} back-breaking than good, old fashioned yard work.  Don't you agree?

Our yard is huge, I'm not going to lie.  The owners before us had major landscaping done, which is wonderful of course, but WOW!  It's a little bit hard to keep up with, especially right now when everything is popping up all at once.  Yesterday, as Husband and I were strolling the property and taking inventory of all that we had accomplished so far {weeding, mowing, pruning, fertilizing}, we came upon an area in the front corner of our yard that I hadn't even considered.  It's the corner everyone sees when they enter the neighborhood, so it's pretty important and it was filled with dead branches and crunchy leaves.  Not cool.  So, husband volunteered to make dinner while I grabbed my gloves, clippers, and rake and went to work on that area for three hours.  I cut and chopped and raked and filled three giant yard debris bags with the clippings and branches.

Does the area magically look better after all of that sweat I put into it?  Well, no.  I mean, it does look better, of course.  The dead is gone.  But the pretty still needs to grow in and once that happens, I'll share a photo.  But the point is... sometimes we pay all of these people to come to our homes and mow our lawns and trim our trees and I think we are missing a great opportunity to do the work ourselves.  It's healthy exercise.  It's fresh air.  It's connecting with nature.  It's appreciating the beauty of Spring firsthand, up close and real personal.

And when a job is done, it's a feeling of success.
It's handstands in the front yard.

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  1. CUTE! I know about yard work. I never really did any before we got married (that was my younger sister and brothers job. mine was dishes) but now B expected me to help. I was like....ehhhhhhhhhhh no? but lol I just thought the yard was "his" thing. but its ours! so we share :)


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